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Three months ago today the state's new Campus Carry law kicked in, and a review of campus police reports shows only one minor accidental problem, and not the on campus blood bath that opponents had predicted, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

  Kirk Evans, an attorney who runs the Second Amendment legal defense organization Texas Law Shield, says the accidental discharge of a firearm at a dormitory at Tarleton State University in Stephenville where nobody was hurt, there have been no issues with firearms whatsoever.

  "In the grandest envionment of this issue, there was only a small percentage of people who could carry on campus in the first place," he said, pointing out that Campus Carry was limited to holders of Concealed Handgun Licenses, who have to be 21, meaning the vast majority of students were not allowed to carry on campus anyway.

  Several factulty groups marched and filed lawsuits, claiming that Campus Carry would lead to 'intimidation' inn the classroom, with students pulling guns on people who disagreed with them in debates over emotional issues, and alcohol-fueled arguments and passionate discussions between men and women degenerating quickly into gunfire.

  "I do not perceive this as being even an issue," Evans said.  "These allegations were overblown to begin with."

  Several Second Amendment advocates pointed during the Campus Carry debate to the tendency of firearms opponents to exaggerate the dangers of firearms in the hands of citizens.

  In 1995, when the Concealed Handgun Law was being considered, opponents then repeatedly warned of a Texas where 'every fender bender would turn into the Shootout at the OK Corral.'

  Since then, as Alice Tripp of the Texas State Rifle Association pointed out, not only have those streetside shootouts not occurred, CHL holding citizens have not only been safer than the general public, their handling of firearms has been safer and more law abiding than off duty law enforcement officers.

  "Licensees have carried all over the Capitol, in the gallery, in the hearing rooms, for twenty years," Tripp said.  "And of course there is never any controversy in the Texas Capitol."