Neither the Cowboys nor the Texans will be represented in Sunday's Super Bowl, but Texas Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples says Texas will be represented nonetheless...through its agricultural products.


Staples says chances are good the leather that is in the footballs used on Sunday will come from Texas, which is by far the leading cattle producer in the nation, with more than 11 million head on the hoof today. Staples says Texas will be producing footballs fro a long time to come.


Staples says Texas is also by far the largest producer of cotton in the U.S., and grows enough cotton every year to make a Super Bowl Championship jersey not only for the Broncos or the Seahawks, but for every person in the U.S., China, India, Russia, Mexico and Japan.


"It's still a win for Texas, even though our teams aren't on the field," Staples told 1200 WOAI's Michael Board.


   He says chances are good that the hotdogs, hot dog buns, and peanuts eaten at MetLife stadium on Sunday will come from Texas, with is a major producer of pork, peanuts, and wheat.

"It is awesome that we have this influence," Staples said. "Most people don't know about it, so it makes for a lot of interesting fun facts, I think.


Staples also pointed out that, perhaps in recognition of Texas agriculture, the number one rated commercial from last year's Super Bowl, and one of the most watched television commercials of all time, Ram Trucks' Paul Harvey narrated 'And God Made a Farmer,' was filmed in Medina County, west of San Antonio.