Father and grandfather Richard Ryan feels strongly about glass.

Especially about a product he's in charge of Praetorian Glass. Ryan says if his shield had covered windows at Sandy Hook Elementary ... less harm might have been done.

"We're trying to get this implemented in school districts and this is really our main focus right now is to get these kids protected," he says.

Ryan asserts that the bullets could not have penetrated that school's glass windows that the shooter rammed his bullets through striking victims.

Ryan is also applying his product to cars converted at
the Texas Armoring Factory, debuting Praetorian Feb. 7th. He says the stuff withstands anything from blasts and explosions to flying debris.

"Entry ballistics, Category 4 hurricanes, 140 mile per hour velocity winds, flying debris and blasts and explosions."

He explains that his product is a glass coating so buyers simply cover existing glass to make it impenetrable.

"We have worked with the National Institute of Justice Building, and the L.A. Police Department Headquarters," he says.