Even though labor union membership nationwide is falling, the number of Texas workers who are members of labor unions is up ten percent in the past two years, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Becky Moeller, the President of the Texas AFL-CIO says the number of Texans who are members of labor unions in the public and private sectors is up to 5.7%, that's up from 5.2% two years ago.


  "The annual BLS count of union members in the United States reflects organizing activity in Texas that many might consider surprising," Moeller said.


  She said when you add in individuals who are covered by labor union contracts even though they are not in the union is also up to 6.8% of the total work force.


  11.3% of the total U.S. work force is represented by labor unions nationally, that's down from11.8% in 2011


  Moeller credits aggressive organizing efforts, concerns over below average wages and benefits in Texas, and growth in traditionally unionized professions, like manufacturing and refining.


  North Carolina has the lowest level of union membership in the country at 2.9%, while New York is the highest at 23.2%.