If you've never been to Africa, go look out the window and you'll see portions of West Africa flying by.

 "Dust from Africa" is what is causing the hazy conditions in San Antonio and across Texas today, according to Peter Bella of the Alamo Area Council of Governments.

  "We get about three to six episodes a summer, usually between June and August, and each of those episodes will last between one and three days," he said.

  The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality says the dust began appearing, interestingly first in West Texas, on Monday.  A report says the High Plains today will see the worst of it, and it will linger across much of the state through Thursday.

  "We see the winds blow in from Africa, it usually takes between a week and ten days for the winds to pick up and blow all the way across the Atlantic," Bella said.

  He says this dust event won't affect the area's ability to remain in compliance with federal clean air laws, because those laws measure Ozone, not dust.

  "Ozone and particulate matter are pretty distinct," he said.  "Right now the dust that we're seeing counts as particulate matter."