The General Land Office is closing the Long Barrack at the Alamo to begin a major roof reconstruction project, officials tell Newsradio 1200 WOAI.

  The works is expected to be done by mid October.

  "The project is part of our ongoing effort to maintain these hallowed grounds out of respect for those who made history here," Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson said.

  The problem is that moisture has slowly collected underneath the Long Barrack roof, which could jeopardize its structural integrity.

  The exhibit "The Alamo, a Story Bigger Than Texas" will also be closed during the construction period.  A fence and scaffolding will be seen around the Long Barrack during the two months of construction.

  An inattention to long term maintenance on the part of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas is one of the main reasons the GLO was given operational control of the Alamo by the Legislature in 2011.