AT&T wins the high speed Internet battle, announcing today that it plans to deploy U-Verse with AT&T Gigapower broadband service across the city, Newsradio 1200 WOAI reports.

  Both AT&T and Google had been vying to be the first to offer full high speed broadband service in San Antonio.  Google has yet to announce whether it will deploy 'Google Fiber' in the city.

  So how fast is super fast?  The service will allow customers to download 25 songs in one second, or a full length feature HD movie in 36 seconds.

  "Today's announcement is another step forward for San Antonio," Mayor Ivy Taylor said.  "AT&T's investment will deliver some of the fastest broadband speeds out city has ever seen, helping spur economic growth across our city.  When local governments and the private sector work together, customers and businesses win."

  The city allowed AT&T access to city property, mainly fire and police stations, to install the infrastructure needed for the service.

  City Manager Sheryl Sculley says the move will be a huge boost for the city's businesses.

  "San Antonio consistently works to create an economic environment that encourages investment in technology," she said.  "Today's announcement by AT&T is a market drive decision which will bring our community new opportunities in health care, enhance education and help our businesses operate more efficiently."

  AT&T has not announced locations where the service will first be deployed and what the pricing structure for the service will be.