Democratic governor candidate Wendy Davis came to Palo Alto College today to unveil her plan to make higher education more affordable in Texas, Newsradio 1200 WOAI's MIchael Board reports.

 Davis says she would fully fund the TEXAS Grant programs which provides tuition stipends for qualified high school graduates.  She said it is important to ensure the Texas Tuition Promise Fund remains a reliable savings tool for Texas families, and the B-on-Time low interest loan program would be beefed up by expanding it to part time students.

  She also called for college textbooks to be exempt from state sales taxes.

  She says schools must be recognized for what they are.

  "The high school shop class isn't just about building birdhouses any more," Davis said.  "It is now the training ground for the 21st Century work force."

  "I certainly couldn't be here telling my story today, if I hadn't gotten an important step up."

  Davis also called on colleges to experiment with programs aimed at assisting first and second year students to navigate the personal and academic challenges as they will make the transition to higher education.