Childhood friends of Ivan Lopez say the mother of the Fort Hood gunman had recently died and he was upset with the military for only giving him a short time to attend her funeral.

"He was a good guy.  He came from a tight-knit Catholic family,"  Edgardo Arlequin tells 1200 WOAI News.  "I think that was one of the reasons that he was very upset, because they only gave him 24 hours.  He was very close to his mother."

In the span of two months, he says Lopez lost both his mother and his grandfather.  Carmen Lopez, who was a nurse at the Center for Diagnosis and Treatment of Guayanilla, died in November of a heart attack. 

The military knew Lopez had mental health issues and he was being evaluated for post-traumatic stress disorder, but had not yet been diagnosed for the illness.  Friends in Puerto Rico say there were no signs that he planned on doing anything violent.

"He was a nice person.  Very quiet. The Ivan that did that... I don't know," Arlequin told 1200 WOAI's Michael Board.

Meanwhile, investigators are searching Lopez's home and questioning his wife. 

Fort Hood Spokesman Chris Haug says the shooter lived with his wife and children locally after transferring from another military installation in Texas in February.