San Antonio Spurs fans have the flags on their cars, the official t-shirts on their backs, and, after fifty weeks of waiting for this opportunity, the Spurs tonight begin their quest for their fifth NBA Championship, 1200 WOAI news reports.

  "We understand what happened last year, we understand how close we got, we were disappointed in how close we got, but we are ecstatic that we have an opportunity to change that," Tim Duncan told 1200 WOAI's Michael Board at an AT&T Center which is electric with the excitement of The Finals.

  The broadcast with Geoff Sheen on the Voice of the Spurs, 1200 WOAI, begins at 7 tonight, with play by play with the Voice of the Spurs Bill Schoening starting at 8.

  The Spurs Danny Green says the home team is ready to hit the court hard. 

  "You can't play scared, you have to be aggressive," he said.  "Just lose yourself in the game."

  There are plenty of activities around the city in preparation for tonight's game one.  The Spurs are encouraging employers to allow their workers to show up wearing spurs attire, and are even sponsoring a competition for the work place with the most Spurs spirit.

  A 'black out' will take place at the AT&T Center tonight, with fans being given black Spurs t-shirts when they arrive at the stadium, as well as noisemakers to use to ramp up the excitement level.

  There are also several events happening around the AT&T Center starting at 6PM tonight.

  There is even a 'holy wager' on tonight's game.  San Antonio Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller has placed food on the line in a bet with the Archbishop of Miami.  If the silver and black win, Archbishop Gus gets key lime pie, Florida oranges, and Cuban coffee.  In the unlikely event that the Heat should triumph, the San Antonio archdiocese will have to fork over Texas barbecue and fajitas.

  All of the food will be donated to local food banks.

  This is definitely a meeting of champions.  Since 1999, the Spurs have one four NBA championships, while the Heat have captured three.