A federal judge in Houston this afternoon declined to issue an injunction that would prevent the ride sharing services ‘Lyft’ and ‘Uber’ from operating in San Antonio, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Yellow Cab of San Antonio and its drivers had sought the order, saying the ride sharing firms are operating a ‘continuing criminal enterprise’ by offering rides to customers outside of the scope of the city’s taxi laws.


  The judge said he will consider testimony in the full lawsuit filed by Yellow Cab this summer.


 Lyft is already facing a ‘cease and desist order’ from the San Antonio Police Department, for transporting passengers in what they call a ‘ride sharing’ system.  Yellow Cab says Lyft, which uses individuals as ‘drivers’ to transport people in their own vehicles.


  Yellow Cab says Lyft, unlike local taxi companies, does not have to follow anti discrimination laws and does not transport the disabled, and people who don’t have smart phones or debit cards.


  The local tech industry has began circulating a petition calling on City Council to grand Lyft and Uber the right to operate freely in San Antonio.