No four day weekend.


  Now that the San Antonio Police Department has ruled that the e-mailed threats from the person who helpfully called him or herself ‘The San Antonio Serial Killer’ are ‘not credible,’ local schools will be open as scheduled tomorrow, and they are making it clear that being out of class due to the threats will be considered an ‘unexcused absence,’ 1200 WOAI’s Berit Mason reports.


  “There has been increased police and sheriff’s patrols of schools,” Pascual Gonzalez of the Northside ISD told 1200 WOAI news.  “Parents and staff are being extra vigilant.”


  The e-mailer warned of ‘mass violence’ at a local elementary school on Thursday.  But police say there is no indication that students, teachers, or school staffers will be in any danger on Thursday.


  Gonzalez says this sort of thing happens more frequently than you might think.


  “These kids of threats have happened in the past although not as widespread as this one,” he says.  “We have threats that mention a specific school, but this one simply threatened a ‘San Antonio area’ elementary school.”


  Police are holding out hope that the person who e-mailed the threats will be caught and will face felony charges. 


  “We have communicated with our various communities, and have informed parents about what we know,” Gonzalez said.  “While this may be a hoax, we have to take it seriously, and we are.”


  One investigator told 1200 WOAI news it looks to him that somebody wanted to be off school on Thursday, to add to the Battle of Flowers school holiday on Friday, and they chose this rather clumsy way of trying to make it happen.