When the roadside stands open later this summer, you will want to get your hands on as many Hill Country peaches as possible, 1200 WOAI's Berit Mason reports.
  "They should be sweet," said Roger Crenwelge of Crenwelge Farms in Fredericksburg.  "They should be juicy and sweet."

  Crenwelge says a combination of the longer than normal winter, the cold winter weather, and the heavy rains received just two weeks ago, a bumper crop of top quality peaches is expected.

  "We had that rainfall back a week or go or so, and that is really going to help the peaches out," he said.  "They'll be juicy."

  He says the farmers try to keep the peaches on the branches as long as possible, and another good solid rain wouldn't hurt at all.

  "We try to pick as close to rip as possible and still be able to handle them," he said. "That does give us the better flavor."

 But he warned that if the weather is dry between now and harvest time, that could detract from the juiciness, but he still expects the best peaches in years to be sold along the road this year.