'Batman, the Ride,' a never before seen type of roller coaster, is coming to Six Flags Fiesta Texas.

  Newsradio 1200 WOAI reports the park unveiled the new concept coaster today.  It will be built over the winter in the Rockville portion of the park and will be open next year.

  Six Flags Director Jeffrey Siebert says Batman is a 'fourth dimension' coaster.

  "What that means is not only are you confined to going up and down hills like in a regular roller coaster, but the seats you sit in can free flip upside down head over heels while you are going up and down, to really give you the sensation of flying."

  The coaster will feature eight different hills and will be 120 feet high.

  "It's our ninth coaster, which is a record for our park," Siebert said.  "There are two beyond ninety degree drops.  Great moments of weightlessness to really give you the sensation of being a superhero yourself."

  Six Flags' Sydne Purvis says it will be a thrilling experience.

  "Batman the Ride doesn't exist currently and we will be the very first," she said.   "People are always looking for something new and something different, and this will provide that, letting you soar like Batman."

  Siebert says it will attract visitors from around the world.

  "For the first time in our 22 year park history, we are receiving a brand new, never seen before, park attraction," he said.