President Obama was heckled by two men in his speech in Austin today, in which he discussed the economy and again pushed for immigration reform.

  About a half hour into the speech, two men stood in their seats near the front of Austin's Paramount Theater and began shouting.

  At first, the President spoke over them, but later said to them, "sit down guys, I'm almost done.'

  The men continued shouting, and the audience tried to shout them down, and two Austin Police Officers emerged, but the President asked that they not be removed, and he promised to speak to them later, which he apparently did.

 It was unclear what the men were heckling the President about.

  The speech was the standard Obama stump speech, saying that the economy is improving, and cited a U.T. Austin student who wrote to the President about the struggles of her and her parents.

  "I like to get out of Washington to remember and connect with your stories so that you know what I am trying to do every single day based on that experience," Obama said, prompted a woman in the audience to yell 'thank you!'

  Earlier in the day, the President told a group of 1%ers at a posh fundraiser where admission tickets cost up to $32,000 that he cares about the middle class, and he is concerned that the wealthy, like the people in the room, are getting too many of the benefits of the current economic recovery.

  Republicans pointed out that one person who was not preset for the speech was Wendy Davis, the Democratic candidate for governor.


  After the speech, the President's motorcade stopped at Franklin's Barbecue, where the President apologized to customers for cutting in line, but he offered to buy the customers and his traveling party lunch.

  The President pulled out a wad of $20 bills to pay for the $300 plus tab, and asked whether his JP Morgan Chase credit card is good.  He then put the cash back into his pocket and paid with his credit card.