Governor Perry's 'dream team' of defense lawyers today filed a sixty page motion in Travis County State District Court, saying the two felony charges against him 'must be dismissed on Constitutional grounds.'

  The thick motion, obtained by Newsradio 1200 WOAI, says Perry was well within his Constitutional rights to demand the resignation of Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg, well within his rights to threaten to veto state appropriations for Lehmberg's office, and within his Constitutional authority as governor to issue the veto.

  "Continued prosecution of Governor Perry on this indictment is unprecedented, insupportable, and simply impermissible," the lawyers argue.

  Perry vetoed funding for the Public Integrity Unit after Lehmberg was arrested in an embarrassing drunk driving case in April of 2013.  Perry first threatened to veto the funding if she did not step down.  Prosecutors, spurred on by a left leaning 'pubic watchdog group,' which is headed by former Gov. Ann Richards' press secretary, said Perry was misusing his office by 'threatening' an elected official.

  "The charges are vague, overbroad, and unconstitutionally applied," Perry's lawyers said.

  So far, no hearing date has been set for the motion.