San Antonio Police said today that all indications are that the bizarrely worded e-mailed threat to commit ‘mass violence’ at an unspecified school on Thursday is ‘not credible,’ 1200 WOAI news reports.


  “All indications thus far are that it is completely safe to send your children to school,” Police said in a statement.


  The e-mailed threats, which were from a person calling him or herself ‘The San Antonio Serial Killer’ included several odd phrasings and misspellings...but warned of violence on April 24th and said at one point, “you won’t see day lights no more.”


  Several local school districts sent notes home with students last night warning of the threat and saying that precautions were being taken to insure the safety of students and school staff.


  One investigator with knowledge of the case told 1200 WOAI news Monday night that it looks like ‘somebody wanted a four day weekend,’ and pointed out that the fact that multiple e-mailed threats were made and the bizarre wording in the threats are ‘inconsistent’ with the actions of people who are bent on violence.


  Friday is the Battle of Flowers school holiday.


  Police stress that they are continuing to investigate the threats ‘due to their serious nature’ and continue to ask for anybody with information that will identify the sender of the threats to call 225-TIPS.