The family of University of the Incarnate Word student Cameron Redus says students at UIW should 'fear for their own safety' in response to the University's 'disturbing' response to the wrongful death lawsuit the family filed against the University, 1200 WOAI news reports.

  Redus, 23, was shot five times by a UIW police officer in December, after the officer followed him down Broadway to his apartment in Alamo Heights after noticing him driving erratically. 

  In the University's response to the lawsuit, UIW lawyers said Redus was the 'aggressor' in the confrontation.  The University says Officer Christopher Carter attempted to back off, but Redus, who was in a 'drunken rage,' beat the officer with his police baton, kicked him, and attempted to head butt him.

 The Redus family says UIW's comments 'should strike fear into the hearts of UIW students.'

  "Perhaps most disturbing is UIW's 'blame the victim' response," the family statement said. "Let's not forget that Chris Carter followed Cameron to his apartment in a different city than UIW jurisdiction and within feet of his front door shot 5 bullets into Cameron, at least two at point blank range while he was unarmed and a danger to no one."

  The Family says UIW is also 'denying' the Medical Examiner's autopsy, which indicates that at least one of the shots was fired when Cameron was on his knees, and one struck him in the back.

  "The circumstances of Cameron's death should at the very least demonstrate the need for changes on the part of the University, so that this tragedy can never happen again," the family said.