A 50 year old man is dead after exchanging gunfire with a San Antonio Police Officer early Thursday morning, Newsradio 1200 WOAI's Michael Main reports.

It happened about 12:45 this morning near Nacogdoches and Danbury on the northeast side, when police were called on a report of a car burglar.

Police Chief William McManus says when an officer arrived, the suspect pulled a gun and opened fire.

"The officer yelled 'show me your hands, show me your hands'" McManus said.  "The suspect began firing, and he took off running.  He made it as far as a field, and collapsed, and that's where he died."

 McManus says the officer at first didn't know whether he had hit the man, because he ran off.  He says the police 'Eagle' helicopter was called in and search teams spotted the body.

"They found out that it was the suspect in the vehicle burglary who had been firing at the officer, and he had been hit, and he lie dead in the field."

McManus says the officer was not hurt.  As per police policy, a shooting team investigation will be conducted, and the officer will be placed on desk duty during the probe.

McManus said gloves and other burglary tools were found in the dead man's pockets.

McManus said in his opinion, the officer was 'very lucky' to have avoided being shot by the suspect.