A south Texas lawman has a message for politicians in Washington, 1200 WOAI news reports.

  Benny Martinez, who is the Chief Deputy in Brooks County, southwest of Corpus Christi, which is on the front lines of the immigration debate, says the border 'will never be secured,' so it's time that politicians of both parties stop talking about a 'secure border' as a prerequisite for any immigration reform effort.

  "We know that the border is not going to be secured, period," Martinez told 1200 WOAI news.  "Washington is not working as quickly as they should to resolve this immigration issue."

  As triple digit temperatures return to the Brush Country, Martinez says the disturbing summertime carnage of illegal immigrants has begun.

  "We have picked up six bodies in the last 13 days, so I think it's just fixing to start," Martinez says.

  About 120 undocumented immigrants per year are found dead in Brooks County, and experts say 'fewer than half' of the total number of illegals who die in the isolated, sparsely populated county each summer.  The bodies of the others are simply not spotted.

  Brooks County has forced the 'Rescue Posse,' a volunteer citizens group dedicated to saving the lives of the illegal immigrants before they die of heat stroke or thirst trying to trudge across the Brush Country in triple digit temperatures.

  "The Rescue Posse allows the department to have a much more proactive response throughout Brooks County to these urgent calls for help as well as patrolling the routes where we most frequently see migrants who are in distress," Martinez said.

  Martinez says politicians in Washington have failed to take the one step that he says would do more than a 'secure border' to dissuade illegal immigrants from coming into the U.S.  He says employers who hire illegals should be punished.

  "You have someone who is going to hire these people," he said. "Those are the only ones whoa re getting an amnesty, the ones who are doing the hiring."

  Between budget cuts and the high spike in migrant traffic, Brooks County is facing bankruptcy.  Eduardo Canales, the Director of the South Texas Human Rights Center, says the formation of the volunteer Rescue Posse is a 'turning point' in saving people who otherwise would have died.

  Immigrant smugglers frequently kick the immigrants out of their truck as they approach the Border Patrol checkpoint in Falfurrias, in Brooks County, because they don't want to try to get them past the checkpoint.  The smugglers often tell the immigrants that San Antonio and Houston are 'just a three hour walk' from Falfurrias, leaving the elderly, and women with young children, to fend for themselves in the scorching Brush Country.