A Memorial High School teacher accused of impregnating one of his students told federal investigators that he saw nothing wrong with the idea of having a sexual relationship with a 15 year old girl.

  Marcus Rivera, 44, is facing federal production of child pornography charges after intimate photos of the pair were found on his camera.

  "He said that it was an acceptable practice in the Hispanic culture to have sex at that age," FBI Special Agent Jeff Allovio told a federal magistrate judge.

  Rivera sat silent though much of this morning's preliminary hearing.  A string of family members, including his aunt who raised him, testified that he was not a flight risk.

  Special Agent Allovio also testified that he spoke with the 15 year old victim, who grew up without a father figure, and was looking for an adult male to tell her problems to.  That apparently developed into a situation where she was seeing him every day after school.

  "She says she's in love with him and he's everything she's ever wanted," Allovio told the judge.

  From jail, Rivera was in frequent contact with his aunt, whom he begged to help him get free.  Allovio testified that there were conversations where he was urging his aunt to get in contact with the victim as part of a plan to emancipate herself from her parents.  There were hints of a plan where they would say they're in love and were planning on getting married as a way to avoid prosecution.