The state is preparing for the disappearance of the inspection sticker, which has been a feature of your car window for generations, Newsradio 1200 WOAI reports.

  Whitney Brewster of the Texas DMV says the proof of inspection will be electronically transmitted to the county assessor-collector's office when it will be a requirement, along with proof of insurance, to get your car registration renewed.

  "While the total amounts for both registration and inspection is not changing, where the state's portion will be collected will change," she said.  "That fee will be collected at the time of registration."

  Lawmakers have been fighting to end the two sticker system for years, but the technology has finally been perfected to make that possible.

  "We will query DPS's on line inspection data base to confirm whether that vehicle has a valid inspection," she said.

  "Once fully implemented, the vehicle will have to pass the required inspection within 90 of the registration sticker expiring, in order for the sticker to be renewed," she said.

  Lawmakers have been concerned about inspections stations fudging the books, or taking money under the counter for inspections which were not done.

  The trucking industry has concerns.  It says trucks which work both the North Dakota and Texas oil fields may end up being registered in North Dakota rather than Texas due to the new law, and that would cost the state of Texas a fortune in registration fees.