With the Spurs taking on the Dallas Mavericks in the first round of the NBA playoffs, one group of people is working hard to declare their loyalty to the home team.


  Those are people who live and work on Dallas Street, which is located on the north edge of downtown.


  “The good thing about it is that I’m walking on Dallas Street,” one man joked.  “That’s what the Spurs are going to do, is walk all over Dallas.”


  Many residents and people who work on Dallas Street say they’re Dallas cowboy fans and they love the name of their street then.  But one woman says she’s superstitious, so she’s not giving people her address, at least until the Spurs advance to the next round of the playoffs.


  “If the Spurs lose will we blame working here,” she said.  “Of course.  But then, if I was superstitious, we would have some really bad luck.”


  But many people on Dallas Street, which includes many medical offices and Downtown Baptist Hospital, that they hold their heads high.


  “Yeah, right now, this is an unfortunate name for the street, but we walk all over the street, just like the Spurs are gonna do with the Mavericks.”


  Many people who work on Dallas Street say they wear extra Spurs gear to work, just in case.