Forget about a streetcar, Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff says it’s time to build a baseball stadium downtown, and Wolff is chiding other city and county officials for not moving quickly enough on the project, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  “I’m hoping that some day, local ownership will buy the (San Antonio) Missions, and then you will have a local owner, and then I hope we’ll be able to do something,” Wolff said.


  Wolff pointed out that El Paso this spring opened a new Triple-A baseball stadium downtown, and Charlotte North Carolina is also building a downtown development around a sports stadium.


  He says with the growth of San Antonio’s downtown, a downtown stadium would attract more fans and generate more downtown development.


  Wolff is a life long baseball fan and former semi-pro baseball player.  The Missions stadium at Highway 90 and Callaghan is named for Wolff.


  “You go anywhere, you will find that a baseball stadium is a very positive development in the central city,” he said.  “I am very disappointed that we haven’t been able to get any traction on it here.”


  When Wolff Stadium was opened in 1995, the focus at the time was not on downtown development as much as it is today, and the Alamodome had just opened three years earlier.