Police have arrested a 31 year old woman in connection with the murder of a man whose body was found stuffed in the trunk of his car on the far northwest side this morning, but police don't think Trudy Marie Ramos killed Ahn Cisneros.

  Detectives have charged Ramos not with murder, but with the felony of altering, destroying, or concealing a human corpse.  Bond is set at $50,000.

  Police were called to the 100 block of Forrest, which is off South Flores southwest of downtown, last night, on a report of fireworks being discharged in the area.

  When they arrived they didn't find any firecrackers, but they did find some empty shell casings.

  They also talked to witnesses who reported seeing Ramos and a man stuffing a body into the trunk of a Dodge Dart, and then saw the man speed away.

  They traced the Dart to Cisneros, 39, and determined that Cisneros and the man were arguing right before they heard the shooting.

  When police knocked at the door of the house where the argument had been heard, they got no answer.  When they finally gained entrance, they found Ramos using bleach to scrub blood off the floor.

  The car was found in the 7200 block of Brandyridge, with Cisneros' body in the trunk.

  Officers don't know why Cisneros was murdered, or what his relationship is with Ramos, or why he was shot.

  The male suspect is still at large.