Sandra Bullock: Speaks at graduation and has some interesting advice!

Sandra Bullock spoke at the WarrenEastonCharterHigh School in New Orleans Monday when she surprised them at their graduation ceremony! She took the stage and had this advice, "What I tell [my four-year-old son] is what I wish someone would have told me before I stepped out in the world, and the first thing is stop worrying so much…eat something green every day….and to not pick your nose in public."


Lindsday Lohan Gets LARGE Settlement!

Lohan was awarded $150,000 in a lawsuit against a clothing company. She had sued D.N.A.M. Apparel saying she was owed money for licensing her 6126 trademark for international clothing sales. She sued for $1.1 million but got a settlement for $150,000 because the company said they couldn’t sell the clothes because of her bad reputation!