Conde Nast revealed the results from the annual Readers' Choice Survey and it's no surprise that San Antonio ended up being at the top!  Magazine readers decided which cities were friendly and which were not, and San Antonio came in at #3 at Most Friendly!  Whoohoo!


10. Asheville, North Carolina

= 8. Nashville, Tennessee

= 8. Key West, Florida

7. Jackson Hole, Wyoming

6. Fort Worth, Texas

5. New Orleans, Louisiana

4. Telluride, Colorado


2. Savannah, Georgia

1. Charleston, South Carolina


But there's also the Least Friendly cities list.

10. Miami, Florida

9. Wilmington, Delaware

8. The Hamptons, New York

7. Los Angeles, California

6. Detroit, Michigan

5. New Haven, Connecticut

4. Atlantic City, New Jersey

3. Hartford, Connecticut

2. Oakland, California

1. Newark, New Jersey