Have you ever known someone and you’ve thought, man he/she is SO lucky!  They have everything or everything seems to go their way!  I know quite a few people who are lucky in looks, in love, in career, in life.  But that doesn’t mean that we can’t ALL be lucky!  Here are some things we can learn from the “lucky” people:

They work hard... quietly. They don't boast, toast or celebrate. They do. Toiling away at their craft day in and day out. They don't announce it on Facebook or tweet about it on Twitter. Lucky people work. 

They surround themselves with positive people who build them up not tear them down. Life is hard enough as it is without having to worry about negative people slowing you down.

They have a clear purpose. Lucky people have a crystal clear objective. Either to provide for their children or to successfully launch their business. Whatever their cause, lucky people have a magnet attracting them to their goals.

They are open to meeting anyone, anytime. Talking openly to anyone who'll listen to their ideas, lucky people smile and engage -- opening up their minds to chance meetings with strangers where one thing can lead to another.

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