Photo courtesy of Yesenia's desk

Put down your gadgets.
When you're toggling between texts, Google, and the nightly news, you can't process info as effectively; you end up feeling sidetracked and spacey, so it takes more time to do less. A hiatus from your electronics can help you feel more focused and in touch with your dreams.

Take a break.
It may sound counterintuitive, but if you promise yourself that you'll be able to stop working soon (ie. After this task, I'll go for a walk), you'll be more productive.  Try working in 45-minute spurts and taking 15-minute breathers — you'll be more efficient when you hunker down again.

Just inhale.
The lush aroma of growing things can hone your powers of concentration. According to research, those who inhaled a mixed-floral fragrance increased their learning speed by 17%. Try anointing your pulse points with something floral and inhale deeply.

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