You don’t have to outfit your home with pricey solar panels.  These improvements can be done cheaply…or even for free!

Add a Motion Sensor

Add motion sensor to your outdoor lighting fixtures. One of these (around $20 each) turns off the light when nobody's present. The gizmos are great for the seldom-used areas of your home, like the basement and guest room.

Buy an Insulating "Blanket"

Get your hot-water heater its own blankie! This $20 investment can lower your water-heating costs by 9 percent, says the U.S. Department of Energy.

Dodge the Draft

Here's how: Install permanent weather stripping around your windows and doors to seal in heat and keep out chilly gusts. You can buy about 15 feet of weather stripping for less than $10 — saving you up to 15 percent in heating and cooling costs.

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