Photo courtesy: Getty Images/Kevin Summers

Peppermint Tea

Go on; take a whiff. Peppermint’s pungent odor is strong enough to wake you up. Mint is arousing, say researchers, so participants were able to sustain attention and focus on the game for longer. To take on that 3 P.M. brain fog, brew a cup of peppermint tea. 


The juice is suddenly the newest superfood. It’s been shown to improve athletic performance, and a new study found that the drink may stave off dementia. Beetroot juice is packed with nitrates, substances that help dilate blood vessels, improving blood flow to the frontal lobes in the brain may improve attention, alertness and focus.


The herb is a vital brain booster: In a 2011 study, participants who took a sage oil supplement performed better on memory and attention tasks after an hour. Four hours later, they also felt less mentally tired and more alert. All types of sage can work—so sprinkle dried or fresh leaves on your lunchtime salad.  

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