Photo courtesy: Bloomberg via Getty Images

Sure, you drink it but there’s so much more coffee can do for you!

Exfoliate Skin

For smoother skin, mix coffee grounds into regular body lotion to make it exfoliating.

Freshen Air

Deodorize unpleasant kitchen smells (such as in the freezer or refrigerator) by placing a small bowl of coffee grounds anywhere you want odors absorbed.

Repel Bugs

Repel insects (particularly ants and slugs) by sprinkling coffee grounds anywhere you want to keep bugs out.

Shine Hair

Many experts say that coffee is the secret to ultra-shiny strands. Brew a pot of coffee, let it cool, and then rinse over wet hair in the shower.

Repair Furniture Scratches

Fix light furniture scratches by rubbing damp coffee grounds onto the mark. You should see an instant improvement.

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