Photo courtesy: Shutterstock/daffodilred

If you’re watching what you eat, you know a lot of that is portion control.  The problem is when you encounter those days when you just can’t seem to get full! 

Popcorn.  Foods that are filled with air fool us into thinking we’re eating more.  As a bonus, popcorn counts as a whole grain which deliver more fiber than refined grains.

Soup.  Broth-based soups are very filling since water adds volume without too many calories.

Celery.  One stalk has 10 calories and a gram of fiber.  Fiber rich food makes you feel full.

Vegetable packed meals.  Vegetables are generally lower in calories per volume than proteins and grains. One study found that when women ate either plain rice or rice with added vegetables, those who had the veggie-filled rice downed 41 percent fewer calories and felt more satisfied afterward.

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