Nothing really bothers my dog these days.  She likes a good nap whenever and wherever!


It goes without saying that you're a good pet mom/dad and you do take care of your animals during the holiday.  But if you're new to being a pet parent, remember these things compiled by the Animal Defense League during your celebrations!

1.   Be sure your pet is wearing a collar with up-to-date and visible id tags attached.

2.   Take current photos of your pets.

3.   Exercise your pets early in the day before the start of festivities.

4.    Ask guests to play with your dog away from open flames.

5.  Charcoal, fireworks, sparklers and alcoholic beverages are dangerous to pets; keep them far away from your furry companions.

6.   Keep a supply of dog treats near you for guests to give to your pets instead of human food.

7.   Leave your dogs and cats at home if you plan to attend any fireworks displays.

8.  House your dog in a crate and or quiet room with gentle music playing to cover the noise of the fireworks.