Have your bills seem out of control?  Do you dread opening the envelopes telling you how much you owe?  Let it become a thing of the past!

To Lower Your Mortgage Costs: Appeal your property taxes.   If your house has lost value since it was last assessed, you could qualify for a lower annual bill.

To Lower Your Utility Bills: Use a programmable thermostat.  Lower the temperature (or raise it in summer) seven to eight degrees when you’re not home, and adjust it at least four degrees for the hours that you’re asleep.

To Lower Your Cable and Internet Bills: Stop paying for TV channels that you don’t watch.  Go to BillShrink.com to figure out which cable package is right for your viewing habits.

To Lower Your Health Care Costs: Double-check invoices.  Nine out of 10 invoices contain errors (such as charging for routine services or equipment fees that are already factored into the price), according to the Medical Billing Advocates of America, which can inflate your medical expenses anywhere from 17 to 49 percent. Always compare the Explanation of Benefits (sent by your insurer) with the bill from the provider to verify that all the charges match.

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