Photo courtesy: Shutterstock/Nadezhda1906

Do something active and fun!

Miniature golf, water balloon fight, fishing, paint ball, archery, Nerf war,  and bowling all come to mind first, but boys always come up with even more ideas when you ask.

Cook something together.

If your son is the crafty type, you can even make a cook book! If he’s not, have him create a menu and then you guys can cook together. Serve it to the entire family, or just make it for yourselves. Either way, enjoy it!

Go camping.

There is just nothing like the great outdoors.  If getting away doesn’t fit in the schedule, then just pitch a tent in the backyard.  Tell ghost stories and go on scavenger hunts, cook s’mores and look at the stars. 

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And make sure to let us know what you like to do with your son/grandson/nephew, too!