Making a budget and sticking to it isn’t at the top of my fun-things-to-do list, but what’s worse is when I have extra expenses I wasn’t expecting.  These sneaky little expenditures actually come up often enough that you should put them in your budget.

Wedding, baby shower, graduation, birthday, and holiday presents simply aren’t part of your daily or weekly spending, but if you don’t plan for them, they begin to chip away at the money you’ve saved for long-term stuff, like retirement or buying a home.

Irregular child-care costs
That’s often the case with needing a last-minute babysitter on a snow day, when you work late, or when you have a party to attend. To account for these sure-to-happen-sometimes events, add a small cushion, say, $50 to $100, to your monthly child-care budget.

Home and vehicle repairs

The trick is to stay up-to-date on care and repair, and once you do notice a problem brewing, start saving immediately. How much you budget depends on your situation, but $600 is a good place to a start. Put it into your general emergency fund, stashing away around $50 per month.

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