Let me get this out in the open.  I am NOT productive.  I’m easily overwhelmed by my to-do list, sometimes to the point of just wanting to climb in bed and not face the world.  I’m working on it.

Here are some tips that could help:

Manage Your Mood

If you start the day calm it’s easy to get the right things done and focus.

But when we wake up and the fray is already upon us — phone ringing, emails coming in, fire alarms going off — you spend the whole day reacting.

This means you’re not in the driver’s seat working on your priorities; you’re responding to what gets thrown at you, important or not.

Define Your Goals The Night Before

Wake up knowing what is important before the day’s pseudo-emergencies come barging into your life and your inbox screams new commands.

Don’t Check Email In The Morning

Research shows email:

  • Stresses you out.
  • Makes people less cooperative, and more justified in not being cooperative.
  • Can be more addictive than alcohol and tobacco.
  • And checking email frequently is the equivalent of dropping your IQ 10 points. 
  • Is this really how you want to start your day?

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