Healing takes time. 

In emergencies, strong medicine is often necessary to save lives but most health problems in childhood are not emergencies. In those instances it takes more than strong medicine to get better; it takes time.

Trust yourself: You're the expert on your child. 

Unfortunately today we are flooded with so much scary information that it interferes with our ability to listen to our own intuition. (Just think of the arrogance of a doctor who acts like he knows your child better than you do!) 

Be prepared. 

Being healthy does not mean never getting sick. A resilient immune system is one that learns how to get sick and get better. Rather than living in fear of illness, there are natural ways we can support our children to recovery from illness quickly and efficiently: good nutrition, hydration, rest, and exercise. But the most important? Rather than focusing on how often your child gets sick, celebrate how often she gets better.

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