Photo courtesy: Getty Images/Sandy Jones

Don’t assume an item isn't recyclable
You might be surprised to learn that you can keep old CDs, furniture, mattresses, wine corks, aluminum foil, and lots more out of landfills these days. Often, you’ll have to take these items to a recycling center, but some may be left curbside. Check (or download their handy smartphone app) to find out more about your local policies.

You can throw away plastic bottle caps
Tossing caps before recycling the bottles is no longer a household rule. In 2012, thanks to new technology and increased demand for recycled plastics, the Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers announced that recycling facilities throughout the US would begin accepting plastic bottles with caps on. Just follow these simple instructions: Empty bottle, crush, replace cap, and recycle. And check with your local recycling program to make sure they have started accepting caps.

Recycle paper and cardboard but not if it’s dirty
Even small amounts of soiled paper and cardboard can ruin an entire batch of material at a recycling facility. But don’t trash your greasy pizza box yet. Remove the clean parts and recycle with the rest of your paper goods.

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