When you think about all the things your smart phone can do, it’s pretty awe-inspiring, isn’t it?  But there are some things it can do that aren’t so great; things that can actually make you sick!

Text Claw and Cell Phone Elbow
"Text Claw" is used to describe all of the finger cramping and sore muscles that come from continuous scrolling, texting, and gaming on smartphones. An even more common side effect: Using your phone too much can cause inflammation in your tendons and enhance existing conditions, like tendinitis and carpal tunnel. Similarly, "Cell Phone Elbow" describes tingling or numbness in ring and pinky fingers after bending your elbow for long periods of time. 

iPosture and Text Neck
Slouching over your phone for hours at a time is ruining your neck and hurting your back muscles. “iPosture" or “Text Neck” are just two of a few phrases doctors throw around to describe the excessive stress on neck muscles. Fixing your posture can relieve lower back pain, and limiting your phone use can alleviate neck strain. While it seems awkward, try to hold your phone directly out and in front of your face, not on your lap where you might need to look down for minutes at a time.

Phantom Pocket Vibration Syndrome
No, you didn't just get a text message! A professor at Indiana University found that 89% of the undergraduates in her study experienced phantom vibrations when their phones weren’t actually vibrating. The study also found that students who were dependent on text messages and social media updates were more anxious when their phones weren't really vibrating.

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