These days, phones can do pretty much everything, but all that multitasking is killing your battery life. Here's where to start to eek a little more juice out of your smartphone every day.

Be more aware.
Make sure you close out of all apps when you're not using them. It's also smart to install a basic app on your phone to monitor what applications you're using that are draining your battery the most.

Upgrade the software.
Engineers are constantly optimizing phone software, and with those updates, there are often battery improvement fixes. Look for alerts from your phone to make updates under its settings or when you connect it to your computer.

Pay attention to where you are.
When your phone is searching for a signal, it drains the battery.

Adjust your brightness.
While it's nice to have a super-bright screen, you'll pay for it with battery life. If your phone doesn't default to auto brightness, choose it as your setting and the screen will adjust itself depending on the lighting conditions.

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