Here are some ways to help you fight back a little.

Watch a funny YouTube clip.
It's a common cliché that you burn more calories with a smile than with a frown, but there might be some truth to it. Scientists in Brazil say that by activating your "happy hormone" serotonin, laughter could reduce appetite.

Play a game
Stanford researchers found that playing video games stimulates the brain's reward system--the part of the brain that might long for the excitement normally provided by food. Getting your jollies from a 0-calorie Candy Crush session will leave you satisfied without touching a snack.

Treat your nose, not your tongue
Aromas can have a strong effect on your brain and your tummy. Research shows that lighting candles scented with peppermint, banana, green apple, or vanilla can trick your brain into thinking you've eaten, and one study found that smelling rather than eating dark chocolate is more effective at reducing the hunger hormone ghrelin.

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