It's a tradition at my house every Christmas, in memory of my step-father, we make the dish that was his all time favorite..German Spaghetti! Why am I sharing the recipe with you in June? Just because it sounded like a good idea! Just know that there is no way to save calories with this one, so prepare your arteries!

German Spaghetti

~ 2 pounds spaghetti
~ 1 pound bacon
~ 1 green pepper
~ 1 large block of Velveta cheese (more if you wish)
~ 1 large can stewed tomatoes

Cook spaghetti. Chop the bacon, and brown in a skillet. Chop green pepper, and brown with the bacon (see, I  told you this was not a healthy one!!)

Next, drain the bacon and green peppers and add to the spaghetti.  Cut the Velveta into small cubes and add to the spaghetti. Add the tomatoes and stir all together.