Have you ever had a dream that has shaken you so badly, you still think about it even days later? This is the dream I had Sunday. I dreamed that I was feeling very sick and when I finally made it home, my daughters and several other people were at my home. Some were familiar and some were not. And I remember feeling very upset because I felt so lousy and everyone seemed so happy and they were even taking my things from my home. Throughout all of this a young, dark-haired women kept telling me that it was ok and that I would understand soon. Towards the end of the dream she made me realize that I was dying and that everyone gathered there was there to say goodbye. Whoa! What on earth did that mean? According to Dream Moods, death dreams mean new beginnings and change. That seems reasonable-I had just rearranged several rooms in my house earlier, adjusting to empty-nest mode. If you're trying to figure out a strange dream, take a look at the translations from Dream Moods.