Lauren Graham Spills Her 7 Biggest Get-Happy Lessons

LIFE LESSON #1: There's no right way to live.

What brings you joy may not be what you thought would bring you joy — don't be afraid to shift gears.

LIFE LESSON #2: Take life one small step at a time.

Taking things day by day will keep you from feeling frustrated. 

LIFE LESSON #3: You don't have to be all things.

Too many of us feel we have to be superwomen. 

LIFE LESSON #4: The best pairings come naturally.

Sometimes "like at first sight" can grow into feelings of true love.

LIFE LESSON #5: Happiness happens in the small moments.

Focusing on what you have (rather than what you lack) builds gratitude muscle.

LIFE LESSON #6: Value kindness over all else.

Whatever your personal values are, find a way to live them every day.

LIFE LESSON #7: Every failure is a chance to grow.

As long as you're learning, you're really living.

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