Moms Get Sick 324 Times During Their Kid's Childhood

(Photo: Getty/Tom Merton)

According to a new survey, the average mom gets sick 324 times during her kid's childhood.  That comes out to 18 times a year.  

Here's the breakdown of those 324 illnesses:  

  • 108 sore throats  
  • 108 runny noses 
  • 54 colds 
  • 36 stomach bugs or cases of diarrhea  
  • 12 cases of the flu  
  • and six cases of lice and other random illnesses

The survey also found the average mom only feels totally healthy 13 days a month. 

Why moms over dads?  Psychologist Dr Meg Arroll says that, in our ancestors' time, men would have needed to be fit and well in face of a threat. But women, having different roles, safeguarded their family.  'We haven't changed that much and so even now with differing gender roles, women's protective instincts kick in. They care for others (over themselves), whereas men maintain their own physical fitness in order to protect and provide for their families.'

Nowhere did it say if you get sick more often or for longer if you have twins.

(Daily Mail)


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