25 Reasons to Get Rid of It!

If you find yourself having a hard time decluttering, this list is for you.  

Do you find things and say to yourself, “I may need this someday” or “It brings back so many memories” or “It’s still almost brand new”? Those excuses are just making it worse for you.  So let’s go through the reasons you SHOULD get rid of that item you’ve been holding on to.

  • A study shows that the average person burns 55 minutes a day looking for things.
  • Statistics show that 80% of what we own we never use.
  • Another study shows that getting rid of clutter reduces housework by 40%.
  • 23% of us have to pay late fees on things we can’t find (like bills!)
  • A lot of things expire so should go in the trash (ie. Makeup, medications, food)
  • Many things are available digitally so you don’t need things like big phone books or bulky maps (things online are more up to date as well).
  • If you have no room for it, you don’t need it.
  • If something hasn’t worked for a while, get it fixed or get rid of it.
  • You can support great causes: old towels and blankets can go to animal shelters, old clothes can go to thrift stores, old phones can go to women’s shelters.

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