How Britney Spears Got Her Body

Britney sings it best: "You want a hot body? ... You better work, b*tch." And she does!  Here are the things she does that could be incorporated into your lifestyle.

She stays limber.  Not only does Britney stretch every morning but she includes two 90-minute yoga sessions a week.

She has three moves to keep her body toned:  Push-ups, squats, and sit ups (she does anywhere from 500-1000 a day!).

Her exercises include the Four Bs:  Basketball jump shots, backwards walking, balancing on one leg while doing medicine ball slams, and bicycling.

She doesn’t deprive herself.  Don’t deny yourself the occasional treat.  It could lead you to binge on junk later.  (yes, she ate the french toast)

What else can you do to have a Britney body?  ***CLICK HERE!***

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