People Are Waiting Hours in Line for 'Beauty and the Beast' Cups

posted by Jennie James -

This cup is so cool!  

Look what made it's way to the East Coast! 😱😍 The rose sipper cup that sold out almost IMMEDIATELY at Disneyland is now available at Be Our Guest in the Magic Kingdom! 🌹🥀 Don't mind me, I'm just FREAKING OUT that i was able to get my hands on one and not have to pay the outrageous prices on eBay 🙌🏻 If you've lusted after this cup as much as I have, now might be your chance to get one!

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The cup is available at the Red Rose Tavern at Disneyland in California and the Be Our Guest restaurant at Disney World in Florida.  People are literally waiting hours in line just to get the cups!  Some enterprising fools are already selling them on eBay.  Don't get me wrong:  I would love one of those cups.  But I'm not paying $100 to get one from eBay.  

#beautyandthebeastcup #beastrose #beautyandthebeast #waltdisneyworld

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Finally got my hands on the most beautiful cup. There only available in the be our guest restaurant which takes months to get into and is extremely expensive on EBay . I was lucky enough to get my hands on one. It even lights up🌷🌷🌷 #rosecup #rosesipper #beautyandthebeast #beautyandthebeastcup #rose

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If anyone will be at Disneyland soon, I need someone to get one of these for me PLEASE! #disneyland #beautyandthebeastcup

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